Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

This book made so much sense! Its structure is so strong and beautiful that it took me through ages of family history in an honest way,being full of sensibility and strength, so delightfully complete.

I wanted to hug Marjorie and Marcus in the end, being so happy that they both found what they had been looking for through each other. And they also completed the journey of all the generations before them, starting with Effia.

Water and fire are symbols of unity and purpose in this novel, chasing each other through centuries. The characters themselves are like these elements, bold and determined to make a change, somehow burning their roots, yet still finding a way to swim ashore back home to what holds most meaning in life: family and love.

There are so many adjacent topics in this book, that at times I felt I was almost reading a second book. Nevertheless, the borders between segregation, slavery and family history are seemlessly woven to make this book an experience, a flow of emotions.

A journey of suffering, love, wandering and hope. Everyone should read this book!