ACK!: One simple secret on how to beat bad days, and live a happy, joy-filled life by Cory Sanchez

An illustrated little book for adults about mastering that little voice in your head

This little book put me in a great mood, just by reading it and looking through the cute illustrations. I have read tons of feel good or how to be positive strategies. Ack! summarizes some really basic concepts and acts as a reminder for every day morning sessions of waking up stronger and prepared with a good mood that can influence the whole day.
I bought the ebook and I am really considering ordering the hard copy for the beautiful illustrations and being able to browse the book more often by touch.


Toddlers are a**holes by Bunmi Laditan

It took some time considering the rating of this one. It is just such a well written book that I had to give the proper number stars. It’s judgemental and sarcastic and under no circumstace should you read it as black on white, rather take it with a pinch of salt.

People, it is supposed to be ironic and sarcastic, or at least I really really hope so. Nevertheless, it is an awesome little book meant to ease the tension of raising a toddler.
Now go read it!