Lexicon by Max Barry

I loved everything about this book, the suspense, the plot, the insanely good twists and the linguistics theme.

The characters are complex due to multiple hidden personalities, until they somehow reveal their inner selves. Max Barry is simply a genius and artist at conjuring a believably realistic world, there is a lot of sense into the bots and pieces of correspondence and news.

I highly recommend this book to those passionate about new worlds with a dystopian feeling, about mindmastering and psycholoically mind-boggling events


Shake hands or die by Michael Northey

A mystery which is not really mysterious, rather whimsically remote. A bunch of strange village characters who meet over tea and cake to discuss gently various pressing topics. A wannabe journalist who struggles to get the story of his career only to end up dead, understandably so. The Vicar is the key to it all, shaking hands or not shaking any. No character whatsoever is sane enough to make the plot effective. It can all be seen as a comedy of the human nature, led to some weird extremes. Depending on the mood one might enjoy this to some extent. For my part I had to force myself to read to the end, the last third of the book is mindboggling.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. It definitely offered afresh perspective over church and village life

The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

When all phrases and words mix together like the perfect batter for cake and the mystery part is the sprinkles on the top: this book just made me incredibly satisfied to feel the “un-putting-down-ability” of the reading process. This gem of a mystery/thriller is well worthy of the 5 stars available.

I admit I was suspicious of the high rating and all the hype. From the very first pages though, the mood, characters and story drew me in. I felt for Iris and got enraged each time she dug something new about Will. I was hoping he is somehow not as bad or unfortunate as it seemed. I was pining for more love between the pages. Thank God for Evans’ help and guidance to Iris! And then it all became realistically gory and moral to the end. And it felt like it should have been exactly like this and no other way.

Kimberly Belle’s magestical style is infectious to the point of really seeing eye to eye with Iris’ actions. I am glad she is portrayed like a strong woman despite her being a wreck for most of the time, yet somehow determined to get to the bottom of all the lies.


The girl before

A pretty good psychological thriller with twists and turns, deranged characters and determined women. It is a gripping novel, enjoyable, though stern and disciplined at the same time.

There is huge hype around this book and for a good reason, as it has its special elements of authentic thriller/mystery. The characters are complex, yet to a point forced in their “exhibitionism” or desire of the author to have them appear stronger or more problematic than they really are.


If you are looking for a new read to keep you hooked and antsy, do pick this one. I am curious how you would enjoy it. I’ve changed my mind several times about it, in the end though deciding on recommending it for the twisty characters and nutty scope of the plot.

Walk into silence

“The human mind is a tricky piece of machinery.” Guys, this was such an interesting read. I had to get used to the style though, sort of reminding me of Rizzoli and Isles series and at the same time seemingly wannabe Icelandic in the slow pace. The character inspector Jo Larsen is actually a cliché character, very good at her job, yet with a messed up private life. The “gut” feeling which was always driving her investigation reminded me of #arnaldurindridason style so much that I was suspicious at times. Nevertheless, this is a page turner and a great winter/ weekend read. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to Netgalley for proiding a copy in exchange for an honest review.