The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

<strong>A horrific mirage of humanity’ darkest controlling systems</strong>

I was struck by the possibility that the world of Gilead could have been real at some point in history, it might have well been real which is even more striking. The author is a genius developer of thoughts and whishpers of the deepest kind, a picturesque illusion that the human soul can be salvaged in the face of horrific events. The amasing resilience of the mind and body against psychological rape of values and norms. I honestly could not decide which was more worrisome: finding consolation in the restrictive yet previsible routine of the day as a Housemaid or the revolutionary thoughts and actions determining perhaps a slight change for better or worse in the regime.

This looks like a feminist movement led by men, thoroughly gone awry due to the greediness for lust and body control. Yet there were so many women who were adepts and helping, or was this also an illusion to keep the women slightly in charge as if the regime itself was created for their own good.

I have many many thoughts provoked by this book and endless questions and musings. It is for sure a must read and a genius work, no matter how horrific the actions and the ideas depicted.


The heart goes last by Margaret Atwood

A superb contemporary dystopia written in refreshing style, with a wicked tone of voice, sprinkled with weirdness and colored sexuality of sorts. I did not like Charmaine, nor Stan *grin*. The most unusual character was Veronica with her blue knitted teddy bear *seriously* πŸ™‚