Hot Milk by Deborah Levy

“I am overflowing like coffee leaking from a paper cup. I wonder, shall I make myself smaller? Do I have enough space on Earth to make myself less?”

This book is magical in a literary sense, poetically combining curiosity about people and the self. What I absolutely loved about it is that really whatever happens in the book is or could be irrelevant. The transformation of the characters is the focus here, a journey of the self, meandering through the jungle if feelings, imagination and sensations of the surrounding spaces.

Oh how I loved this book, what a fresh perspective this gives to actually breathing in the style and the plot, to riding a wave of jellyfish and not giving a rat about getting stung. Being bold in an seriously simplistic way, loving with all might, being baffled and not understanding thingsthat happen for a reason. Sofia’s life is her analysis of self, a beautifully contorted version of an amalgam, of what means to become and to express the transformation through actions.

Please read this book, you might be surprised and grateful for the effect it can have on you.