The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

The world created by Leslye Walton, largely the house on Pinnacle Lane, is a magical haven, a false secure place or a house of cards ready to crumble at the first firm touch from the real world. This is a heart-breaking story, with so many elements of beautiful wonder and sheer cruelty at the same time, I found it a bit forced.

Ava is the picture of innocence, a girl just wanting to be like everyone else. She doesn’t want her wings. She wants to be normal. It was so touching and comforting that she had a good friend and also a boy who fell in love with her. Nevertheless, Ava is probably the symbol of marginalized people, though more so due to the perception of their immediate family and environment they grew up in.

The climax was horrific and it just blew the house of cards completely. Was it because, reality is so much tougher than magic? Why are there monsters among good people? I did not want to believe that really happened to Ava, it was so unnecessary. I wish I could ask the author why she thought the plot that way.

Setting aside the climax, the rest of the novel is without doubt fabulous. I recommend this to everyone with a bit of patience to find out why and how a girl is born with wings and how love and life can play out for her.


The world according to Garp

Garp’s world is not beautiful, though it is really real in a crazy sense. His characters are so out of place that I’ve been wondering why exactly I liked this when I once mentioned that I loved the book. This misplaced world is actually THE world and I have the urge to re-read this novel, or at least parts of it, even if it’s unpleasant and shocking at times. You really get everything in this book and Garp is of course the center of it all. It feels that the reason for everything happening in this book is life and ultimately recognizing the life and uniqueness of each weird character, person, action. “Oh Boy!” Who would have thought I would give this book more than 4 stars.