Nothing is predictable by Adalina Mae

A beautiful, yet heartbreaking novel about the power of forgiveness and carrying the demons of a difficult childhood her whole life. Zara is a really strong woman and even though the book was a bit cliche for my taste, I enjoyed the bits of wisdom and researched adventures of this American-Lebanese. The book is rather unputdownable, possible to be read in one go, a great summer read with lots to ponder upon. Give it a go if you stumble upon it, you might find the lovely Zara irresistible.

I joined the Author’s of Instagram Summer Giveaway Hop on Instagram and won this novel, many thanks to Adalina and looking forward to her next book.



Lalibela’s wise man by Matshona Dhliwayo

This is a beautiful novella, full of wisdom and learnings. It somehow automatically reminded me of Coehlo’s Alchemist, with a plot set in nowadays’s consumerism world.

I started it one evening and could not put it down until finished. This says a lot about the simple and witty style, able to quickly captivate the reader.

What I found very impressive were the tasks given by the wise man and the rich information on Ethiopian culture and people, despite the short prose. It made the book unique and thoroughly enjoyable.

I would like to thank the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

City of Skies (The Shadowislands Saga Book 1)

A majestical dystopia, with a unique story line that really made me connect with the main character Nora Hunt. I’d say it is a must read due to the wonderfully crafted characters and plot, I fell in love and got intrigued by the secrets lurking in the City of Skies and beyond.

In the beginning Nora seems naive about her origins and her potential. She asks too many questions in her head to the point of becoming annoying. Nevertheless, it all makes perfect sense that she should be thus, she was hidden in the East division to be protected from the Verans or Lumini Lords and only found out about her destiny recently after being moved to the West to become a raider. Nora has so much to learn and understand aboht herself and the world she belongs to, there is so much at stake.IMG_20170303_131336_328

At some points I sensed some faded similarity to other dystopian novels out there, still the Norse mythology made it believably unique. By the end of this first book in the series I got almost addicted to say the least and I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

Farah has a beautiful way with words and I really enjoyed the style of writing. Thank you so much to the author for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.