Secrets of Worry Dolls by Amy Impellizzeri

This book is a balmy shower of love, finding oneself, coping with grief and finding the strength to keep going and living. I am so grateful to have found about Amy Impellizzeri’s book from my bookstagram friends.

First of all, the writing style is soothing and real, these are the first impressions that come to my mind when thinking about this book. The worry dolls element is unique and adds complexity and depth to the story and even an element of supernatural. I really love such in a novel that is apparently about just life and common people.

The plot is beautiful woven, I really think the author is gifted and understands a lot about grief and love, and how these two come together.

Mari is kind, strong in a deep sense, psychologically messed up by everything that happened in her first 20 years of life. I had no idea about the attrocities committed during the civil war in Guatemala. I will probably read more on the historical part.

Lu is thoroughly affected by the lack of communication and affection during his childhood, though the twins had some really good years together with their parents. There was always the shadow of “sickness” from Mari’s side, some unknown deep affection, a secret. The girls were too young to understand worries.

Tragedy after tragedy, leave their marks on Mari’s psychological well-being and deeply affects the relationship with the remaining daughter Lu. There is a lot of learning and searching for the truth in this story, forgiving and realising the reasons behind a life of secrets.

I recommend yhis book whole-heartedly, to those who are in the mood for Women Fiction sprinkled with all of the above. The novel can be too much if one is not in the mood for sadness and characters searching for deeper meanings.