The good neighbour by A.J.Banner

This has been one crazy ride, completely blown away by the sheer depths of secrets people can have. I am sure it is like this in real life, yet it makes it that harder to believe in simple minded souls. I liked the style, it was a super quick read, addictive and surprising at times.IMG_20170427_102217_183.jpg I did not understand Sarah’s reasoning about accepting Johnny back. I had the feeling that the ending as left open has so much potential, I already know what I want to happen next.

I was fully captivated, despite the very simple and to the point language. Suburbia style, friendly, emotional at times, complex characters with many unresolved issues, marriage difficulties, rebel teenagers, loss and forgiveness.

If you are looking for a quick psychological thriller, go ahead and read this and let me know how you liked it. I expect controversial opinions.