Where would I be without you by Guillaume Musso

Coincidentally beautiful despite the chick flick style, easy to read and annoying at times. Just the book I needed to make a break with between serious books.

If you are in need of a simple yet sophisticated novel which is all about love, betrayal, disappointment and yet more love with a happy ending then this is it. You will undoubtedly love and hate all the main characters with the fierce impression of being betrayed by Archibald playing God with so many lives. Only to resurface all over again and relove him for his struggle to fix his mistakes.

Unusual events happen in this book, so many that it left me dumbfounded by the sheer belief that love can be so strong as to cross the boundaries between life and death, coincidence and prudence. It is, all in all, a beautiful strong love story, with wild souls looking for redemptions and a balance between past and future.IMG_20170729_112523_967.jpg


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