The Nest by Cynthia d’Aprix Sweeney

I am so extremely glad I finally got to read this book. After only a few pages in, I got fully immersed in the complexity and family drama revolving around the shared inheritance and around the character of Leo.

This is largely about choosing among different paths, for many of the characters portrayed in The Nest. I find it brilliant how the author managed to seemlessly hover between good and bad sides of the characters. Really each one of them has done something hidden or lied about and that just comes to show the intricacy of the human mind and its actions.

All characters without exception are beautifully realized, really up to the secondary characters. Some might even mirror challenges one has actually encoutered in real life, coupled with identity crises and personal victories.

Naturally, the Nest is actually everything that the Plumb family ultimately represents, a mix and match of “aviary” disturbia, commonly found individually, yet artistically set up together as an unhappy whole.

This one is definitely a must read, if you are into family dramas and wicked controversies. It is a novel beautifully written, with a flow of actions and feelings.


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