It happens all the time by Amy Hatvany


This is an eye-opening novel, full of strong emotions and hard truths. I recommend it to everyone, just really make sure you talk openly with your kids about body image, sexual behavior, what is what and how to behave in certain situations. It is so important in the world we live in!

I haven’t read much about the book beforehand, nor any reviews. I preferred to just dive in and see for myself what made it so discussed in social media.

I had many contradictory feelings towards both Tyler and Amber, main characters in this book. I somehow tended to understand each separately yet I was furious with both and with how society is so particular and protective about men vs women when it comes to sexual behaviors.

There are many problems highlighted in the book: anxiety disorder, eating disorder, rape, parenting and role models or the absence of.

I liked the chapter structure from the POV of both Amber and Tyler, it made the plot and the atmosphere more rounded in a way.

Finally and not wishing to reveal any spoilers, I was content with the ending, and how the characters got their closure and their will to move forward in a positive way.


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