Lola by Mellisa Scrivner Love

Lola took me on an addictive journey through the drug cartel business of Los Angeles. The book itself being “unputdownable” due to the unique plot and style.The main character impressed and depressed me at the same time, yet above all proved how strong the self can become due to unimaginable hardships and horrors throughout childhood.

I got engrossed and deceived by humanity by reading this. Meanwhile, I was impressed by the literary style of depicting thugs and gang street life. Lola, the character, is exactly how she should be, in my opinion, exactly how one would become had they been through similar experiences. Lucy is mirroring young Lola, and Lola finds through the little girl her goal in life. They end up having only each other as meaningful persons. It’s heartbreaking.

I highly recommend this. Expect cold-blooded murder and drug addicts acting inhumanely. Expect an eye for an eye attitude and survival of the fittest.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.IMG_20170421_093243_087


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