The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

When all phrases and words mix together like the perfect batter for cake and the mystery part is the sprinkles on the top: this book just made me incredibly satisfied to feel the “un-putting-down-ability” of the reading process. This gem of a mystery/thriller is well worthy of the 5 stars available.

I admit I was suspicious of the high rating and all the hype. From the very first pages though, the mood, characters and story drew me in. I felt for Iris and got enraged each time she dug something new about Will. I was hoping he is somehow not as bad or unfortunate as it seemed. I was pining for more love between the pages. Thank God for Evans’ help and guidance to Iris! And then it all became realistically gory and moral to the end. And it felt like it should have been exactly like this and no other way.

Kimberly Belle’s magestical style is infectious to the point of really seeing eye to eye with Iris’ actions. I am glad she is portrayed like a strong woman despite her being a wreck for most of the time, yet somehow determined to get to the bottom of all the lies.



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