One of the boys

WThis is a strong psychological novel about a dysfunctional family where love is replaced with “war” in a ghastly sense. After a wild divorce and custody battle, the dad takes his two sons away in order to make a new life and remember how to “be a kid again”. The boys’ great expectations sadly turn into the unthinkable survival of the fittest sort of life. Drugs, stealing, plotting to run away, hoping still.


There is so much child abuse and so much feeling of “growing up too fast” for the two boys, that at times, even though quite short, the novel is particularly difficult to go through. The style is super engaging, Magariel manages something of a phenomenon taking into consideration the topic.

This coming of age story mostly presented from the perspective of the youngest, is thoroughly crude and dark. Children should not be exposed to their father losing his grip on reality, or losing his temper to the extreme. Abuse – both violence and language – makes the boys review their whole view about what is real, what really means to be a family, what bond is stronger and which parent is more to be trusted. Finally, the brother bond is the strongest, they have each other against all odds.

A difficult must read, a must read nonetheless.

Thank you so much NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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